How efficient is Orange Oil Termite extermination?

With termites being such a significant pest problem across USA, people are always looking for the cheapest and most efficient solutions available. This opens a lot of room for people who aren’t really qualified for termite extermination to force their own methods to people who ask for help, which is a bit of a problem. One of the newest trends in the pest control industry is orange oil, but it has been around us for a while, used as a supplement for your growing vegetables and plants in general.

Orange oil is comprised of processed orange peelings and on this level alone it represents an excellent additive which can motivate plant roots to grow more intensively. Once you mix it up with some other materials it can be used for spray-on pest control tool and for that purpose it has been proven to be very efficient and safe for you and the environment.

Termite control

I’ve read a couple of cases where people requested professional help to deal with their termite infestation problem. The issue here is that these companies proposed fumigation right on the spot, which is the most expensive method known to us for termite pest control. On top of that, they used orange oil termite solution which is known not to have a wide effect spread and can only be efficiently used for localized termite issues.

Obviously, people who got their homes treated against termites this way were happy for a couple of months, when the termite infestation popped up again. Since most of the reputable termite pest control companies offer warranties for their work, this was settled easily with less obstructive measures of local termite control.

Efficiency of orange oil

Orange oil can be used for localized termite control, meaning that you can use it efficiently on your own to spray a smaller area, such as your door frame. Fortunately, in most cases a termite infestation will start locally and somewhere where you will be able to see, hear it or acknowledge it in any other way. This is the time for you to start mixing up your orange oil solution designed to deal with termites. You can do this on your own or purchase a commercial product which is widely available.

Generally, orange oil is definitely a great base for many different solutions, including cleaning agents and since you can make it on your own at home it definitely represents an affordable and efficient tool for battling all kinds of issues.

For termites you will need to use special toxins as these are known to be one of the most resilient insects on the planet so orange oil by itself definitely won’t do the trick. If this is too much of an issue for you, you can look for a product known as Citrex, which has been proven to have a good amount of efficiency against termites, mosquitos and a whole array of other insects. The best thing about it is that it smells divinely, making your pest control efforts almost enjoyable.

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